We have formally launched a website for the 4th IPMA Research Conference. The conference will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on September 15th and 16th 2016 and its subjective will be Project management and sustainability. The venue will be Nautholl restaurant, the next building to the modern Reykjavik University. Nautholl close to the ocean and next to it is probably the only beach in Iceland where you may find people bathing in the sea. The sea around Iceland is cold and most people don’t like to swim in the ocean, even if some people find this refreshing and inspiring and do it regularly as a part of their lifestyle. But the situation in Nautholsvik is special because warm water from the geothermal district heating system is pumped to the ocean there. As a consequence, the water can be quite comfortable close to the shore and on warm and sunny summer days, the people of Reykjavik come to Nautholsvik for a good time!

We hope you will find the website on the 4th IPMA Research Conference interesting and informative.

The 4th IPMA Research Conference – Welcome !